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Vibrance Coaching



Any of these issues look familiar to you?

  • You want to live your life creatively, with joy and enthusiasm but you are stuck in a rut and do not know what to do.

  • You want to have the career of your dreams, but you are stuck in one that does not engage your creativity or provide the financial success you long for.

  • You want to be more effective in managing the changes life brings you.

  • You want to find more time, reduce stress and take better care of yourself.

  • You have health challenges that keep repeating over and over in your life and you do not know why they are happening.

Vibrance coaching can help. This coaching uses simple yet powerful tools to give you insights into what you really feel and re-connects you to your body wisdom and intuition. You will learn how to enjoy your feelings and move through them ease-fully, releasing fear and resistance. Transformation and vibrance can happen instantly when we learn to read and listen to the body messages that we receive. Fact is, we can create everything we want in our lives.

Session usually are 90 minutes long. Investment $75/hour.

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