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Life Activation


DNA contains the master plan for who you are, your life purpose, and Divine potential.

Holding the encoded information relative to both your physical and spiritual lineage, it

is unique and very personal. This encoded information determines your physical form,

hereditary maladies, mental proclivities, emotional behavioural patterns, spiritual gifts,

and more.

The original divine blueprint for humans consists of 24-strand DNA. Most of the

general population has only two strands of their DNA activated, and thus are using

a mere 5-10% of their brain capacity and DNA.

Activation of the DNA to the 22nd Strand is now being offered from the spiritual

realms to all of humanity. Handed down in a direct lineage from King Salomon,

this activation originally empowered a Priest or Priestess for serving the people's

need. This method is powerful, direct, and effective because it works with the

natural flow of energy and light in the human body. In this activation, 12 receptor

sites to your DNA are accessed through the etheric spine and illuminated with light.

This activates 22 of the 24 key strands.


Some benefits of the Life Activation:


  • Brings in and holds more light in the physical body

  • Empowers you to bring forth talents and abilities as yet unrealized

  • Enables you to have more energy

  • Brings more clarity into your life

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Releases the unconscious patterns stored within the physical body

  • Increases greater utilization of your brain

  • Creates a greater opening for ongoing connection with your Higher Self

  • Clears your individual and family genetic/karmic patterns

The Life Activation is not a healing per se, but an empowerment that can aid you in your own healing process.

This process allows the clearing of genetic patterning for many diseases.


Experience how this modality stimulates and activates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual receptor sites with the ultimate result of feeling refreshed rejuvenated and energized; also awakening your dormant gifts and talents.



Before & After Life Activation
See The Amazing Results!!!

These aura photos were taken with Kirlian Photography prior to having a Life Activation done. She said she felt so amazing afterwards that she decided to have another set of aura photos taken.

These pictures were taken before and 15 minutes after the Life Activation was done and truly confirm her amazing experience. It is with her kind permission that we share these with you.


                                 Aura before                                                                   Aura after

























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