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  • Big thank you to Devi and Dietmar for organizing such a fun event! The Psychic and Spiritual Arts Fair was my second ever and it was deeply enjoyable. So much love from the healers and vendors and such a wide open, clean space, just good energy all around. Such a great experience, thanks again!

Dana McIntyre

  • If you went to the Sidney Psychic & Intuitive Arts Fair last weekend, you know what a good weekend feels like. I saw so many smiling & interested & inquisitive & cheerful people hanging out with the exhibitors - retail & readers & energy workers & oracle card tables - each learning & sharing with each other. A huge round of applause for Devi & Dietmar for the positive vibe of this event they organize, and for setting up a chance for people to come together in spirit! See you in June!

Spirit of Victoria - Metaphysical Hub​

  • ​As a bioenergetic practitioner I have attended many fairs and shows focused on wholistic health over the years and the Psychic & Spiritual Arts Fair in Sidney is by far my favorite one. The collective of practitioners, readers and other vendors that Devi and Dietmar attract is simply beautiful.
    It shows how much genuine 'love energy' can draw in a harmonious and inspiring crowd. This also applies to the audience that frequent the fair each time and even though it may sound a little 'cheesy', I call this fair a 'party for the soul'. Whether you're a vendor or a curious fair-goer, this is one to add to your calendar.

​Maximilian Waid - Victoria, BC

  • Devi & Dietmar's Psychic & Spiritual Arts Fair in Sidney last weekend was awesome - well-attended, with a number of people making awesome discoveries & smiles all over the place. Thanks, D&D, for making it happen!

Ian Byington- Spirit of Victoria Directory

  • Dear Devi and Dietmar, I am so grateful for being able to spend a cozy day inside so I can read, meditate and contemplate on all the information and spiritual lessons that I have learned from you both. The many tools you have given to me over the past few months are helping in so many ways on so many levels. Your generosity and openness to share your wisdom is guiding so many of us towards healing.

Maggie G. Victoria, BC

  • In the spring of 2022 I had a Life Activation session with Devi and Dietmar. They are both warm, inviting and very knowledgeable in the mystery school teachings. It was a time when I felt quite stuck in my life situation. Going in I wasn’t sure what to expect, however, I began to notice a subtle but definite shift soon after the activation. I could sense that my perspective had become somehow more spacious. I felt increasingly more clear about what was ‘for’ me and what I could let go. I also began to find it less of a challenge to bring myself into the present moment and to loosen up my need to ‘to do’ and to analyze everything. Looking back over the months that have passed since the Life Activation session, I can see a gradual positive recalibration of sorts, that has taken place in my life.                   I highly recommend a session with Devi and Dietmar. 

VMD. Victoria, BC

  • Thank you Dietmar and Devi for organizing the Psychic & Spiritual Arts Fair. I loved meeting so many wonderful exhibitors and visitors. Nice energy and people!

Michelle B. Victoria, BC

  • This couple are a great gift to the spiritual community.

Terry Diane A. Victoria, BC

  • Devi and Dietmar are natural teachers who make you feel incredibly comfortable in their presence. They provide a safe and sacred space in which to impart their knowledge. I am grateful for their teachings, look forward to further workshops and can highly recommend them.​

Zoe B. Victoria, BC

  • I just want to say thank-you for hosting this class. I had a fantastic and enlightening afternoon. I spent it with some amazing people and the blend of experience was beautiful to be part of. I came away with all kinds of needed information and somehow during the course of things my neck went back into place and apparently a Chakra opened. I feel fantastic and ready to embrace more knowledge. Thank-you Devi and Dietmar. You will see me at future classes.

 Pepper C. Victoria, BC

  • Congratulations on your new move. How exciting! There are sure to be great adventures and blessings ahead. All the VERY best for you. It has been a great pleasure knowing you both.

 Charmaine B

  • Devi and Dietmar, I wish you all the best on your journey out to BC. It was a pleasure to have spent time with you here, and thank you for being such wonderful teachers on my journey. You two are such beautiful souls; Victoria will shine more brightly when you get there. Take care always. Much love,

 Bev B

  • Hello Devi & Dietmar! Sending you both well wishes with your move to Victoria! It is beautiful there, even in the winter. Also want to say thank you again for everything; the classes, extra help and support, and friendship. The protection ’things’ have been very beneficial for me. Even though we haven’t been in contact much lately I do think about you both and appreciate you. I do still practice what you have taught me (I have slacked off on occasion but always return to it)! I did/do want to pursue a few more classes but it never seemed to work out – I guess it wasn’t time. Who knows, maybe it’s a good excuse for a holiday out there and I could take classes then! (smile) Forever grateful and warm wishes,

 Sandra W

  • I met Devi and Dietmar at a time when I felt many areas of my life were stagnant. I really wanted to set in motion my spiritual journey, but was at a loss on how to go further. Devi and Dietmar gave me the tools, guidance, and support I needed to grow.
    I am so pleased that I jumped into the Path of Progression course with Devi and Dietmar. The course is perfectly constructed so that I could absorb and understand the material in an easy and almost effortless fashion. The growth I experienced was amazing. I believe that the key to my success in this program was (and still is) the constant attention that Devi and Dietmar give to me and my individual transformation and growth.
    The results and changes in my life continue to evolve. All areas of my life have been positively impacted by what I have learned from Devi and Dietmar and the Path of Progression course. I am now in the flow and I am so grateful to have met and learned from them. Thank you!

Laurielle C.

  • I took the Path of Progression Intensive Course with Devi and Dietmar last fall before I went on a 6-month trip to Thailand. First of all, they are so caring and loving and never short on hugs! I felt comfortable with them right away. Both really tried to get to know me and helped me in any way they could. The course was great, and so much information is involved. In the end, I learned a lot more than I thought I would. I will admit though, when I was traveling it was so easy to neglect my daily rituals and meditations, and it didn't take long to get sidetracked from the path I was supposed to be on. In fact, I was getting really stressed out and unhappy, even in so-called "Paradise". One day I woke up and did all my rituals and meditation.                                                                                                 The first friend I ran into that day noticed how much better I looked. She said I was glowing! That was all the proof I needed that it really does make a big difference to stay on the right path and do all the things that Devi and Dietmar taught me, because not only do I feel better mentally, but I physically look better as well. My face is brighter and I am happier.                                                                                                                                                                When you take the Path of Progression course with Devi & Dietmar, you learn that you need to trust your intuition/gut feeling to connect with your soul mission, and they show you how. They are such wonderful people. Thank you for helping me change my life.

Madisson M

  • If you are reading this part their website like I was not long ago, you are looking for answers and wondering if this is the real deal. Look no further.
    The genuine support from Devi and Dietmar has made my transition possible. Taking the pathway of Progression Program has positively changed my life and empowered me to become the "master of my own circumstance".
    After completing the Pathway of Progression I felt great, but more importantly I learned practical techniques that I can use daily. The tools I learned throughout the program will continue to help me meet future challenges and allow me to live gracefully and fully in spirit and in service.
    Devi and Dietmar are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and supportive teachers who genuinely care about your personal progression. They have made a strong and important impact in my life. I am honoured to now call them friends.

Erin P.

  • Thank you so very much for facilitating such an incredible Jikiden Reiki course last weekend. It was perfect! It was so great to meet both of you and be in such a wonderful, loving presence in your home. I feel like I am heading on the right path to my true purpose. I feel very light, positive and happy. Also, very hopeful and clear! Reiki has always intrigued me and I feel so honoured to have had this opportunity to learn the truest form of Reiki. I am definitely in for a Reiki share on December 4th and hope that we can all be there together once again. I would love to have a life activation done. Please let me know when we can do that.

Astrid H.

  • Dietmar & Devi: Thank you both, so much for holding sacred space for our Reiju's & training. You both are such beautiful people with incredibly warm hearts. I'm so glad to call you friends & furthermore spirit family. Our paths have crossed for a reason within this wonderful universe! You are all sisters and Dietmar, a brother to me in this journey and I hope that we all stay in beautiful contact!!I would love to do a Life Activation which I will email in further detail in a separate email to you.

Randi R.

  • Thank you for a great hospitality you both provided for us this past weekend. Thank you for bringing Lynn over, she is a blessing to us all. Thank you for holding such a sacred place. Coming to this workshop, l had absolute no idea, what l was about to encounter, l was glad to cross path with both of you. During and after the Reiju weekend, l felt more and more energized, l am no longer drained. To my surprise, l can now hold my energy down. Healing is taking place in every area of my being. l very much appreciate you both including Mama Lynn.

Helen O.

  • I wasn't sure what to expect. I was on a path and it very clearly led me to explore Jikiden Reiki, an authentic form of the original teachings. I knew there was something out there, something that could be manifested within a physical form yet ultimately be direct from the source. Jikiden is far more in depth and less diluted than the western form of Reiki. Lynn proved to be an inspiring teacher, while still remaining humble and approachable. She would often give opportunities for questions and would allow time for sharing our own experiences. It gave us the chance to get to know one another better and connect. When I got home after the second class I was buzzing, there was substantial energy that lingered and lifted me well into the night. Thank you so much Lynn for the teachings, and Devi and Dietmar for fostering spiritual education. I look forward to continuing to expand my consciousness with Pathways to Spirit.

Michelle vK.

  • I have found that Devi and Dietmar at Pathways to Spirit have many years experience and are knowledgeable in many areas of Spirit and Spiritual teaching. They are warm and caring and are truly interested in the well being of you as an individual and provide personal attention in all their courses. Devi and Dietmar understand your current level of knowledge and experience and make recommendations on which courses or training would benefit you and help you to move forward on your spiritual path. At the end of each course, I left with strong, positive energy and confidence in the skills I had learned and able to apply them right away in my day to day life.

Ron K

  • I would say to anyone thinking about taking one of your courses, "Take anything! It's an honour to share time with Devi and Dietmar". I've loved the time I've shared with you both and I always look forward to the next.

Karen M.

  • We are on the run, but we must say that our Life Activation and energy session with you both was absolutely amazing and necessary. We both feel peaceful and centered and we know it was synchronistically brought into our lives for a very good reason - We feel so lucky to have met you both, we gained so much inspiration from your energy. We will definitely be in touch with you both, we are enjoying reading the book on intentions and the book on light (thanks again for these!). We are so excited to have met you both and to have gained such a wonderful burst of awareness prior to entering into this exciting new chapter in our lives.

Andrea & Matt

  • I wanted to let you know that I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the Sacred Geometry workshop on Friday. I have been attending a lot of workshops and courses lately, trying to find the information I have been looking for, although I didn't really know what it was, exactly. Aside from my healers training which I am currently taking as you know, this was one of the best workshops I have attended. I want to take Sacred Geometry II.

Paula S.

  • I like to thank both of you for a great session yesterday afternoon. I felt energised and more alert and focused as well. I am feeling more like there is something bigger in my being surrounding me. I am now beginning to feel very much at peace. Thank you so very much.

Helen O.

  • I wanted to thank you both for performing the Life Activation, the results have been great! I'm thinking of coming by for a workshop sometime in the future life.


  • Blessings and love to you both! I hope your Christmas was amazing and that the New Year brings a renewed passion to continue the amazing work you guys do! Love and hugs!

Anjili D.

  • A few days after receiving life activation and energy balancing, I noticed that I was living with a greater level of fearlessness. I've been more open to what is actually happening in the moment and less attached to my plans. In general, I've been more patient and lighthearted, more at home with myself and with my life.

Karen F.

  • I am so grateful for you taken the initiative and doing the energy work last week. My shoulder is feeling sooo good...can't thank you enough for the healing touch. Sending you Love, Joy and Peace.

Anita H.

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