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Angels & Archangels



Angels are God’s messengers; whose role is to keep us attuned to the heart of God.

Through this attunement divine love flows freely and we are protected, comforted,

guided and transformed.

Angels are part of a large community of intermediary beings who serve between

humanity and the Divine. Such intermediaries have always been recognized in

spiritual traditions around the world, and have been called by many different


The angelic realm makes itself known to all who seek it.  All we need to do is ask. 

We are now in an era of renewed spiritual interest. We have important questions

about who we are, what our relationship is to God, why we are here, and what

meaning there is to life and our part in it.  These interests act like beacons of light

within us, and angels are drawn to that light. The angelic realm is ever ready to

assist us in our soul’s journey.

We will concentrate on the 12 most discussed Archangels who are helping us in our evolution and how each has a different task and focus that we can call upon.  We will also connect with our personal Guardian Angels and learn how they help and protect us.


This class is Part 1 of our Spiritual Hierarchy Series and is for those who are interested in a deeper study of our guides, guardians and helpers in the higher dimensions.

3-hour Class

Investment $75

See Calendar of Events page for scheduled classes.

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