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Finding your Soul Mission



Each human being on Earth is an incarnate piece of the Consciousness of their

Soul. The Soul, in order to be able to make contact with and experience and

learn the lessons offered by this 3-D physical existence extends a piece or

fragment of itself into the physical which becomes a human being. This does

not happen for only one lifetime. It has hundreds and even thousands of

lifetimes, depending upon how slow or how fast these incarnations learn their

important life lessons and depending upon how much negative karma needs to be balanced in each lifetime.

Our Soul comes into physical existence to do something special. How do we know what our Soul’s special purpose/mission is in this lifetime? Do you feel a yearning for a more meaningful life? This yearning comes from your Soul. That is why you feel the urge to deepen your spiritual connection. Your Soul wants you to connect with it. No one can tell you what your Soul’s Mission/Purpose is. You must connect to that quiet voice inside which is your Soul’s guidance.

The more you learn to make contact with your Soul, the more you will be

guided by it in your daily life. Your intuition deepens and ideas for action are

received from your Soul. It guides you to connect with information and

situations that will help you understand and fulfill your Life Purpose. As you

connect with your Soul’s Purpose, you begin helping to implement a small

part of the greater plan that is the plan of the Spiritual Hierarchy and our

planet Earth.

This class will also help you understand what things keep us from knowing and

connecting to our Soul’s Purpose.

In this class you will be given tools of Discovery to help you finding your Soul's Mission.

You will:

  • Learn to connect to your inner Wisdom.

  • Learn the simple techniques of Vibrance Breathing

  • Learn mind-body connections to begin your journey of self-discovery.

  • Learn to really understand Who You Are – the difference between your Authentic Self and your Personas.

  • Learn several techniques of Meditation that give you the basics of how your mind really works and begin to bring it under control.

  • Learn simple but effective tools for Manifesting your Dreams.  

4 hour class

Investment $85

See Calendar of Events page for scheduled classes.

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