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Spiritual Empowerment



Welcome to the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light!

The Spiritual Empowerment Program is one of the oldest teachings on the planet and is a unique way of becoming more involved with the Light Work conducted by the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT.

As Lightworkers on this planet awaken to their higher purpose in this lifetime, they step on the Path of service that leads to higher and deeper connections with God and the Spiritual realms.

All Masters who have walked the planet have experienced this awakening. The Spiritual Empowerment Program brings you to a higher level of knowledge so that you will be able to connect with your Soul’s Purpose and expand your ability to hold more light and spiritual energy.

As you grow in knowledge and intuition, you will be able to better serve humanity.

The Empowerment Program gives you tools you should use daily to empower yourself and create abundance in your life.

At the end of the program the student will participate in a physical empowerment ritual that invokes the energies of the Spiritual and Angelic Realms to help the student connect and move forward on their path towards enlightenment.

The Spiritual Empowerment Program is for students who are committed to transforming their lives and connecting to their Soul’s higher purpose in this lifetime, answering their spiritual yearning for a life of meaning and value.


Part 4 of the Spiritual Intuition Development Series.

6 hour course - $295/person 

See Calendar of Events page for scheduled classes.

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