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Path of Progression



Are you searching for answers in your Life? Do you feel like there is more to life than what you are seeing? Do you yearn for more peace, more balance, more joy, more happiness, and more spirituality in your life? Do you intuitively know that you have a purpose to fulfill in life but don’t know which direction to go?

Are you asking yourself, “Where Do I Begin?” in your spiritual search?

If you seek a higher level of understanding, if you suspect there is a greater purpose for your life, to your journey on this planet, then join us for this intensive course.

The journey of self discovery is the most rewarding adventure anyone can embark on. We offer many classes and programs that can give you answers and help you in your spiritual expansion. However there is a “hidden” progression of knowledge in our classes that will really help you advance in your spiritual understanding.

By following this “Path of Progression” Intensive Course you are able to take all our classes in a specific order. Each class builds upon the last. Within a three to six month period you will reach a new depth of understanding about your Soul’s Purpose in this lifetime; and you will begin to transform your life and manifest your dreams. The Course includes personal coaching and mentoring, and special meditations. 


If you are interested to book this Course please contact us. We have payment plans available. If you are ready please give us a call or email us. We will build this life changing journey around your schedule. The Path of Progression is not for the faint-at-heart. We are looking for sincere students who are ready to make a commitment to their spiritual growth and want to be of service for humanity’s evolution and transformation.

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