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Protection & Boundaries


As we evolve spiritually, and open ourselves up to receiving more love,

light and connection with spirit, there is a need to protect ourselves as

well.  It is sometimes hard to hold this love and light when we are

surrounded by the negativity and chaos of the world. As light bearers

our job is to send love and light out to humanity and the world without

being drained by negative influences.

There are many tools, simple rituals and prayers that you can use to

create positive boundaries and protection for yourself.  

That is what this class is all about. You will learn about your subtle

bodies and how they interact with our environment and the people

around us. You will learn several rituals and prayers that come from the ancient Mystery School tradition that have been used for centuries to protect spiritual aspirants. These tools are easy and simple to use and only take a few minutes a day, but they are very powerful deterrents for negativity and the dark energies that coexist with the light on this planet. When you use them, you feel grounded, centered, and filled with the light of the Universe. 

2-hour Class

Investment $45 

See Calendar of Events page for scheduled classes.

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