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Dragon Magick


Dragons are the most ancient beings on our planet.  Their magick, which is for everyday life, helps both the body and soul to better assimilate the lessons learned on earth.  Now is your chance to discover the truth behind the mysterious dragons and their closely held secrets.  In these classes you will learn about their language, history and clans, the meanings of color in dragon lore, Dragon Astrology, and much more. You will experience Dragon Rituals and a meditation to meet your personal dragon guardian and learn how to use this magick in your life.  Learning this magick and starting to work with your dragons can definitely offer a whole new layer of protection for you as a Lightworker.  

Both classes give you different information, but you need to do Part 1 in order to attend Part 2.  Investment for Part 1 class:  $80.  Both classes: $150 

The class will be very informative and lots of FUN as well. 
We invite you to meet your personal Dragon Guardian!

4 hours each class, Investment $80 per class

See Calendar of Events page for scheduled classes.

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