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Pendulums 101


It is the intention of this program to facilitate a process of connection and trust with YOUR Inner Being.


We will explore the inner road of higher senses i.e. seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing - as we exercise intuition and create pathways of clarity, using an ancient tool of Source, the Pendulum.


The use of Pendulums is part of the science of dowsing. They are used for many things – principally to access our intuition for answering questions about topics we are not sure of consciously and for finding things without knowledge of their location.

You will learn:

  • About Intuition and how to experience it.

  • How to use a Pendulum.

  • How to hold, charge/program a Pendulum.

  • How to properly formulate and ask questions.

  • How to analyze health issues;

  • and much more...


This is a 3 hour Class - Investment $45/person - Manual included.

See Calendar Page for details and class availability.

Pendulums available for purchase!

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